Gloria Olazabal is a Peruvian jewelry designer and metalsmith who melds old world quality with a contemporary eco-conscious flare. Motivated by the concept of relational inseparability, she handcrafts a close connection between each piece of jewelry she creates and its organic inspiration.

Her artistry, inspired by generations of women before her, is born of the relationship among the organic, the intuitive, and the playful.  

~ ~ ~ 

In my travels, I select a wide range of gemstones for their distinctive shapes and colors which allows me to highlight each stone’s distinguishing energy and personality. Each stone is hand cut by skilled artisans and placed in my handcrafted custom setting, making each work of art truly one of a kind.

I  believe  in   responsible  and  mindful   fabrication.   Working   from  a  committed eco-consciousness, I creatively reuse recycled & reclaimed sterling silver and gold. Not only do I enjoy working with these exquisite and beautiful metals, you will adore and appreciate wearing them.

~ ~ ~

Olazabal Finery is distinctive wearable art made by hand.

Gloria lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her husband and their young son, Joaquin.